What to Expect From Crushing the Test

Crushing the Test is a 6 week deep dive into how to take the ACT.

You won't be learning English, Math, Reading, Science, or Writing.

You already know this stuff. We're going to refresh your memory, but with only what you need to know.

You already know how to read - but you're going to be reading like an expert.

ACT doesn't ask questions you are used to answering in school. They test your skills in areas like reasoning, extrapolating,

You'll learn:

  • How to reverse engineer each subject down to exactly what they will be asking
  • To recognize and dissect passages to get the answers.
  • When to make educated guesses if time starts to run out.
  • How to practice drills so you answer every question correctly.
  • You will become a stronger faster reader, developing broad scope of rhetoric and verbiage.
  • And if you are taking the optional ACT Writing, you'll learn how to write a perfect essay with ease.

These are just a few of the skills you will learn from Crushing the Test.

This course is designed for students who don't want 5 or 6-figure debt after graduating college.

This course is designed for who are hungry and .

Is that you?

If so, for the next six weeks, you will have to dedicate yourself to learning the skills within this course. The ACT is not easy for a reason, so you will have to work hard and practice as much as you can. 

After the six weeks is up and the test is behind you, then it's over and you can breath with confidence knowing you will score a Presidential Scholarship.

Stay true to yourself and put in the work. You'll get what you want out of it

The curriculum:

Week 1: College Prep Orientation

This week will prepare you for college and after college in ways you haven't before. Things like building a resume, researching your dream job, creating a vision board, and finding out your choice college requirements for scholarships and more. This week includes taking a pre test.

Week 2: English

Week 3: Math

Week 4: Reading

Week 5: Science

These 4 weeks have the same format.

You'll watch an intro and tips video before taking a practice test on that subject; grade and score and watch explanation videos for the answers.

Mid week involves videos that break down everything you need to know to reverse engineer each type of passage and question.

They are followed by guides for you to print and study.

The week ends with taking another practice test to see how well you learned the information.

The beginning of the last week you will take a post test, this score will tell you how much you got out of this course and give you the best idea of how you will do the following Saturday.

You can spend the last few days reviewing everything or brush up on any areas you feel you need tweaking.

If you are taking the Writing test, then you will spend 2 days learning how to write an essay that will get you all 12 points. You're going to give everything ACT expects in as essay by learning exactly what to write.

There isn't any fluff about who invented the standardized test or why the ACT was created. 

This course is all inclusive and was constructed to deliver only the information you must know and the skills you need to perform your best, without anxiety, pressure, or butterflies in your stomach.