Valencia Belle

ACT® Certified Educator™
Creator of Crushing the Test

Crushing the Test was developed by Valencia Belle, BS, BSN, MSFS, PhDc.

She is the #1 rated ACT Certified Educator (ACE) globally.

Valencia scored a 26 on her 1st attempt at the ACT in the 7th grade. She entered high school at the age of 12 as a Freshman Track Scholar Athlete, becoming an early academic qualifier for the NCAA.

Valencia graduated high school with a perfect score of 36.

She now is dedicated to helping students and athletes in high school, junior high, and even as early as the 3rd grade prepare for the ACT.

Valencia created this course to help kids score their highest, so that no-out-of-pocket money is required to go to college; and in some cases get a tax free refund from their scholarship aggregates.