Monday: College Prep Orientation Overview

College Prep Orientation

This is your college and career readiness week

Welcome to College Prep Orientation, the first week of Crushing where you find out some things about yourself that you probably haven’t thought of.

We want you to take yourself seriously and think about what you really want in life. You'll answer questions you've probably never been asked or didn't give much thought to.

This orientation will prepare you on your personal journey towards college and get you thinking about what's to come after college. Consider this first week the beginning stages of designing your life.

Before we begin, we need to discuss your reading assignment for the course…

Starting today, you will be reading 28 pages a day of a book of your choosing. That’s 200 pages for a 7 day week.

There is a method to your reading assignment. Start with with books about subjects you like. Grab a fiction novel, or fantasy or sci-fi or whatever you enjoy. Even if you've already read the book. Grab it and start reading.

This week read 28 pages a day. If you finish the book, then grab another and keep reading. If you're not a reader, then for the next six weeks you have to be. The 28 pages doesn't have to be in one sitting. Spread it out during the day if you have to. You must read everyday.

By next Monday, you should be comfortable enough in your reading that you will want to do it on one sitting because you will have other learning material to read and study.

DO NOT SKIP A DAY OF READING. It will become clear towards the end of the course if you stay true to the reading assignment.

Next week, you'll switch up your reading to keep you progressing forward with this skill. Your choices will be subjects you aren't so interested in.

If you are not a history buff, then grab a historical book, fiction or non. If you don't care about science fiction and outer space stories, then grab one of those books. You want to sharpen your skill with variety.

Reading only what you like when you're supposed to be building a skill can become too easy. You need to stay sharp.

Each Monday we'll let you know how to switch up your readings.

So why do I have to read so much??

Reading is the best skill to have when taking the ACT.

Well, here’s how much reading is involved in the ACT:

English: 5 story passages to read with 75 questions and answers.

Math: Out of 60 questions and 1 minute per question, there is an average of 43 word problems to solve. This includes graphs and charts also.

Reading: 4 story passages with an average of 87 lines of text averaging 9 words per line. That’s 783 words per passage. Then you have to read the questions and read the answers.

Science: 7 passages totaling 40 questions: 3 passages about recorded data; 3 passages on experiments; 1 passage on conflicting viewpoints (which will actually have 2 passages). Throw in charts and graphs and having to read elongated questions and answers.

So, in case you weren’t reading, there’s is an extremely large amount of reading to do on the ACT test.

We need to get you to a point to where you can comfortably take the test without the stress of time.

Please DO NOT skip this daily exercise. Reading is so important to scoring high on the ACT.

This is one of the main reasons students do not finish each section of the ACT. They take too long reading and rereading the passages and questions and answers, that time ends before finishing the test.

Orientation Breakdown

This orientation is designed to get to think about your future – for college and beyond.

You will spend the next few days completing the following:

  • Pick-6 – You will consider 6 colleges you want to attend, (even if you know where you want to go) and do research by following and answering questions about each college.
  • Dream Career – This is your time to actually start designing your future. By answering a series of questions, you will start considering what you truly want in life and career. We’ve included 3 invaluable resources to help you find your strengths in skills and interests.
  • Your 1st RESUME – We’ll walk you thru your first resume and get it ready for the big leagues. Use our templates for a professional look.
  • Virtual Vision Board – We want you to look into your future self. Let’s see where you want to be…

After completing your College Prep Orientation, you will take the ACT Pre test.

*Note: You will be printing tons of .pdfs of study guides, practice tests and answers sheets. Be sure you have access to a printer and plenty of paper ready.

There is only one reason for printing out the practice tests - you want to simulate the actual test as much as possible. Reading from a computer screen just isn't the same.

Printing the study guides and extras allow you to study away from the computer. You will need to spend any free time going over English and Math print outs. It is allot of material to study.

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